An author website is one of the most important assets an author can have.  The market has lots of options for author websites and we can either build you a custom site or help you find a service that matches your needs.

Request Information on Websites

Home Page

Every author needs a home page to peak interest in their books. A webpage can be used as a means to build a mailing list, offer giveaways, or provide a means for your readers to stop by and say hello.

Author Blogs

A blog is a great way to provide updates or short stories to your readers. They also help to bring in an audience and grow a website’s SEO ranking. We can talk to you about whether a blog is a good idea for your site and how to get started with one.

E-Commerce Store

Some authors want to redirect their sales to a retailer like Amazon, but other authors will want to sell their books directly on their own website.  We can help you setup e-commerce on your website and get ready to sell your books in all formats.


A mailing list is an author’s most prized asset. When you use your website correctly you will be able to help build up your audience to inform them of new releases and promotions.