Tom MuroskyThomas Murosky is trained in the biological sciences, earning a bachelor’s in biochemistry from Edinboro University and a doctor’s degree in integrative biosciences and toxicology from Penn State University. He started his career as a chemistry professor. He Tom taught chemistry in two institutions before leaving academia to pursue his own freelance work in web technologies. In that time, he realized his old dream of writing books, focusing on Christian teaching after becoming a Christian in his senior year in college.

After a decade of work in web technologies helping several other businesses get off the ground, Tom created Our Walk in Christ Publishing initially as a publishing arm for his own writing, but he changed focus to help publishing content from other great Christians he meets along the way. OWIC Publishing seeks not only books, but other excellent and God honoring content.


Tom grew up in a family that never mentioned God. He followed his family philosophy into bold atheism, fueled by a stellar academic record in the sciences. But life struggles forced him to search for solutions to our painful world. Near the end of college, he became a Christian after meeting people who seemed to have found the solution to his challenges. Tom had no answer to the power of God as demonstrated through many Christian friends.

After becoming a Christian, Tom worked in children’s ministries for over a decade serving as a Sunday school teacher, an Awana teacher, a camp counselor, a Child Evangelism Fellowship board member, and a community mentor. Now, Tom has turned his attention to spreading the Gospel through online videos, podcasts, and of course, books. OWIC Publishing is part of Tom’s mission to spread the Gospel that he once rejected.


As an author, Tom has published seven books. His first book, Testing and Temptations, teaches the importance of sanctification looking at the differences between testing from God and temptations from Satan. His most well received book, I AM not amused, takes a different and challenging approach to Christians and media entertainment. In the book, Tom talks about the teachings and messages from inside the music and movie industries and then compares those messages with God’s Word. You can find more information about his other books on his author website: