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Who is King Joash

King Joash was the last from David’s family. He was preserved by God and placed into the kingdom under the direction of Jehoida, the priest. All the days of Jehoida’s life, Joash walked in the ways of God, but after the priest died, Joash turned away from God toward his friends godless direction. This raises questions about how our friends influence our walk with God.

What Can we Learn From Him

From Joash, we can learn many life lessons about friendships and fellowship and this third book of the Kings of All Creation series examines what we can learn through the Word. This study examines three key lessons:

  • Do we have friends who draw us away from God
  • Examine false ideas about salvation
  • Create a plan for fellowship that draws us to God

How to Read this Book

This book is written in an easy to read format and each point draws on the prior sections. The chapters can be read in about 10-20 minutes each for an average person, and they are full of history about Joash and how to apply his life to our New Testament living. The book can be easily read in a single sitting, or over a week very reflectively. The final chapter gives some plans and strategies to put the contents of this book into place.

Kings of All Creation Series

This series is designed to learn from Old Testament kings and prophets in a way that is easy to read and digest for our modern times. While we quote from prophets, we attempt to explain the sections of Scripture in a way that is easy to understand and we seek to teach you practical applications from each of the kings we discuss.

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