About the Book

Lily is discovered as a baby in a Scottish wood while Tom is doing chores for Laird John. The love in the little girl's heart shines so brightly that the people she loves can see it. Her star teaches children everywhere about how the love in their hearts can shine for Jesus.

About the Author

Olive Ross was born and brought up in Edinburgh, Scotland. Her long term goal was to write this book the Lord put it on her heart. God blessed Olive with a loving mother who told her about Jesus even before she could walk. He filled her heart with His love from the beginning.She married young and traveled her husband in the 62 years they shared. They moved to America to join their son, his wife, and two beautiful granddaughters. She wrote this little book for her granddaughters and for children everywhere, so that they would know Christ Jesus loves them and is with them always in their hearts.