Thanks for stopping by to learn more about Our Walk in Christ Publishing!

OWIC Publishing was initially founded to produce and sell books written by author, Thomas Murosky. With this company and our resources, we help other authors to write, design, and publish their books whether they choose to use our publishing name or their own.

What Services do we Offer?

We offer the whole range of services related to preparing your book to go to the printer, or the digital marketplaces. We are able to take raw documents and format them to place on the various distribution platforms for paperback / hardback distribution (IngramSpark, KDP), and we can also produce high quality eBooks and audiobooks and move those into the global distribution partners.

We will gladly do the work for you if you are interested in a final product without royalties, or we can teach you through consultations how to prepare your own books!

At this time we can meet you online via Skype, Hangouts, or select other conferencing platforms to consult on the various aspects of publishing, or we can simply receive the raw manuscripts and data and deliver to you a final product.

Who Will We Help?

As our name suggestions, we are a Christian publisher, but that does not mean you have to subscribe to Christian beliefs to receive our help. We will work with anyone on consultation and book production. We do reserve the right to reject a project, but these will generally be limited to content that is not legal under United States law, those containing graphic adult content, or anything that would be considered graphic by a ‘level headed individual’.

To get your book officially published by our company (meaning ISBN and imprint assignment), your book would need to meet the following:

  • Christian books must conform to traditional reformed interpretations of Christian teaching
  • Non-Christian books must not glorify sin as defined by traditional reformed interpretations of Christian teaching
  • Books must offer uplifting stories or messages.

Where Can You Find More Information?

Our main teaching channel is our YouTube channel, Writing Done Right. This channel contains information about writing and publishing, mostly focusing on FOSS software and other tools to produce your books. We have a SoundCloud account which has audio samples of audiobooks and links to find the audiobooks at your favorite provider. Our Tumblr page contains some book info and any other blog-type posts about the projects we are working on.